The Call for Freedom is an open space of entities, groups and people that intends to denounce and stop the political repression of the Spanish State and wants to launch activities and initiatives that allow the release of political prisoners, the return of exiled members of the Government and support to all peacekeepers who are undergoing retaliation for their ideas and convictions, with the firm will to collaborate with other organizations and platforms of civil society in achieving the objectives that the Catalan population determines.

From the Call for Freedom we affirm as the principles shared the following decalogue:

1. We assume the full sovereignty of the Catalan people and their right to be able to decide, democratically, their future as a people.

2. We promise that all our actions will continue to be inspired by the principles and practices of non-violence.

3. We are aware that Catalonia today is diverse, and we value this diversity as a wealth. Thus, we assume as social assets social cohesion, democracy, human rights and the rights of peoples and therefore we defend them.

4. We are worried about the decline in the freedom of expression of the Spanish State, which has ultimately led to the closure of websites, media outlets, opening correspondences, citations to professors, journalists … From the Spanish State, an official disqualifying story is being sketched, which, instead of discussing arguments, presents any form of protest as violent in order to attack the freedom of information.

5. We denounce the serious democratic deficits that keep social and political leaders in custody or in exile, with harsh accusations of rebellion and sedition that would entail the maximum penalties of the Criminal Code and that are clearly inapplicable in the absence of violence. We also denounce that at the request of the Spanish Government the growing judicialization of the policy is entailing a general cause that holds cases open to more than 700 mayors and elected members of the legitimate government and its President and the last president and members of the board of the Parliament. In short, repression intensifies and is increasingly expanding people from more diverse areas.

6. We denounce the progressive intervention of our institutions until the traumatic application of the Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution, which supposed the sudden dissolution of the Parliament and the Government of Catalonia, and that has led to the strongest blow to our self-government since the dictatorship.

7. We denounce that, after the elections of December 21, 2017, it is attempted to hinder the parliamentary activity of people who have been elected by the citizens, which is a violation of political rights for Members and deputies, as well as the citizenship (active and passive right).

8. We denounce the impunity with which fascist and racist groups carry out violent episodes, while the critical voices that are opposed to the abuses of power are repressed, judicially punished and penalised.

9. We call for an investigation to be opened and responsibilities for the police repression of October 1 against the defenceless citizenship that peacefully just wanted to exercise their right to vote.

10. We make a Call for Freedom at the state and international level to set up a network of permanent observers that safeguards for the defence of the human rights of imprisoned or imprisoned people and for the immediate recovery of freedom, democracy, the sovereignty of our institutions and all the fundamental pillars of our rights as a people.

The signatories declare themselves committed to participate in the Call for Freedom in non-violent proposals, actions and initiatives until our individual and collective freedoms are respected.

February 24, 2018