What can I do to denounce it?

As you know, at the beginning of next year the Trial against the Catalan Independence Process will be held. It will not be a fair trial because our political and social leaders are accused of nonexistent very serious crimes (rebellion, sedition, embezzlement …) based on a fabricated story to accuse them.

We see the judicialization of politics as a mechanism being systematically applied against all forms of political discrepancy that seeks to be transformative and that seeks to overcome the regime of 1978.

We are worried about the media affiliated with the powers of the State carrying out a misinformation campaign to discredit the political prisoners in the court of public opinion. This attempt to criminalize them is the perfect excuse for an a posteriori justification of what is an absolutely foreseeable condemnatory sentence, since the trial is in the hands of the current heads of the Judicial Branch, which drags serious democratic deficits since Franco’s dictatorship.

In the face of all this injustice, you may ask: What can I do as an individual to denounce this situation?

One very important action you can do is to bring an international spotlight on this trial, both in Europe as well as outside it.

For this reason we suggest that you provide your complaint to TrialWatch®

What is TrialWatch®?

Clooney Foundation For Justice

TrialWatch® is a project of the Clooney Foundation For Justice (CFJ) that wants to bring light to those judicial processes where there could be a clear violation of Human Rights.

The CFJ is the foundation created by George Clooney and Amal Clooney (advocate for Human Rights Defender) in 2016 to promote justice in the courtrooms, classrooms and communities around the world.

As reported by the CFJ:

Courts are increasingly being used as a tool of oppression. In many countries, prosecutors and judges are used to imprison government critics and minorities.

The CFJ has partnered with the American Bar Association and the Columbia Law School to achieve the goals of TrialWatch®. Read more here.

You can read more about TrialWatch® in this article.

How can I file the complaint?

TrialWatch® has enabled a mechanism to identify trials that should be monitored: the TrialAlert form (click to open it in another window).

Here we will help you fill out the TrialAlert form.

You will see that most of the form’s fields are optional, especially those referring to the identity of the person reporting. You decide whether you are anonymous or not.

We have highlighted in red the minimum fields to be filled in.

To facilitate copying and pasting, we have put some content in the form in text format and in blue.

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Catalan politicians and civil society leaders accused of rebellion and sedition for having conducted a referendum on self-determination.


The accused have been in preventive prison for more than one year.
The irregular preventive disqualification of politicians and civil society leaders.
The construction of a fictitious narrative of violence to justify the imprisonment of independence leaders.
The Supreme Court and Judge Llarena’s accusation of rebellion has been discredited by European courts in Belgium, Germany, Scotland and Switzerland.
Over one hundred criminal law professors from around the world do not see the accusation justified.
The investigating judge’s role in the case is full of irregularities, as reported by lawyers.
The prisoners are defenseless.
A lawsuit is expected to be filed in the ECtHR because the conviction is considered a foregone conclusion.
The Spanish judiciary’s irregular practice of judicial appointments by political parties.
The judges’ demonstrated and repeated lack of impartiality.
The objection of court bias was resolved by the same court, which rejected it.


Xavier Melero, Marina Roig, Jordi Pina, Andreu Van den Eynde, Mariano Bergés and Olga Arderiu


Supreme Court (Spain)


Rebellion and Sedition


Optionally, you can upload this file Report on violation of fundamental rights and freedoms arising from October 1, from Catalan Ombudsman, to provide context to the complaint.

Once you have filled in all these fields, you have to press the Submit button:

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